Protect your anonymity online with is used by thousands of Bitcoin owners. The best thing is that there are no restrictions on transactionsas other mixers for bitcoin have. You can mix as many as you want. Support is always ready to answer your questions and help you protect your transactions.

Protecting your anonymity online

The creators of bitcoin concealed the fact that their system of transaction is far from being anonymous. In fact, this is a payment system, in whichyou can see not only the contents of the wallets but also the history of all transactions.

Even if you don’t do anything illegal, you should still think about the anonymity of your payments. We all want to be safe, but is it possible to feel this way if anyone who knows how the blockchain works can see your transactions and find out where you are transferring your money?


How to stay anonymous?

Using guarantees your anonymity when making Bitcoin transactions. The work process of BestMixer is very simple:

  • You send your bitcoins to the service
  • The coin mixer sends you anonymized bitcoins

Thus, the transaction can’t be traced by anyone. You’ll get clean bitcoins without being worried abut the safety of the transaction.

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